Random number generator

The Random Number Generator used by Casinos Most online casino companies, in the pursuit of credibility, will lease or purchase their casino software from one or two credible sources. These companies have an established and accredited software that is based on an accepted and independently tested random number generator. The main companies in this context […]

Power Stars

Power Stars Online Slots Power Stars is a five reel slot machine game with ten pay lines. It is produced by Novomatic , who are known for transforming the traditional pub style fruit machines into the popular games that online slot players can also enjoy. Novomatic are one of the biggest developers of online slots […]


Pakapoo and the Origins of Keno For thousands of years, gambling has been a part of every society. Whether legal or illegal, casino games were played in parlours, in back alleys or at home. The list of modern casino games found at land based and online casinos can all be traced back to basic games […]

National Anti-Gambling League

United Kingdom’s National Anti-Gambling League Gambling has often been one of those morally grey areas that have, over the years, incited either fanatical support or ardent resistance. Like any game of chance gambling has inherent risks to it, not least of all that of potential addiction. Though gambling and casino gaming may be fun and […]

Majestic Star II

Majestic Star II Riverboat Casino The USA is home to some of the biggest and the most beautiful casinos in the World. Any casino enthusiast will know that the major gambling hub is located in Las Vegas Nevada. Today many states in the US offer gambling in a variety of unique and luxurious casinos. One […]

Le Her

Century Old Card Game Le Her Card games are one of the earliest forms of strategic betting in the world. Since their advent these sheets of valued imagery have been adopted into many different types of games. Some of these games have spread throughout the world, the popularity of which has then blossomed to become […]

Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission When it comes to legal gambling, there are specific gambling authorities that grant licences and regulate the activities of the establishments themselves. If you are familiar with online gambling in the UK, you will know that all licenced gambling in the United Kingdom is governed by the UK Gambling Commission. While […]

Dead pool

Dead Pool Betting is Taking Over Dead pool betting is proving to be a very compulsive pastime for bettors hailing from the United States of America and around the world and it involves placing wagers on which celebrity will be the next one to die. This type of gambling is also known as a ghoul […]

Casinos Austria

Casinos Austria One of the Largest Operations Worldwide Austria is a highly respected German-speaking country in Western Europe. The country is part of the European Union and has legal gambling and gambling venues. There are 13 cities in Austria where gambling facilities can be found, many of which are tourist orientated. Austria is home to […]

Caribbean Stud Poker

Origins of Caribbean Stud Poker The game of poker, as we know it, developed from many ancient games played in Europe and Asia, such as Primera in Spain, Poque in France, Pochen in Germany, and Brag in England. In the early three card game, you had hands like three of a kind, pairs or three […]